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The Rubber Connection History

In 1988 The Rubber Connection was originally conceived as a home based hobby business by Barry and Chris.  They were restoring a US built Fairlane and could not get suitable parts for the US car in Australia.  It became apparent that others people were having the same problem.  Barry and Chris would take orders to help other people out when he got parts.  But it soon was apparent that it was time consuming and complex dealing with shipping and Australian Customs.  They then decided to provide a service to their now growing customer base.

1990 The Rubber Connection established a dealership with Dennis Carpenter Ford Reproductions.  Following this success, The Rubber Connection has a number arrangements with manufactures and suppliers in the US and Local.

The business was expanding and in 1994 moved to 99 Mt Pleasant Road Nunawading, Vic.  This allowed customers to visit the store as well as mail order.  Chris operated the shop on a full time bases with assistance from Barry.  1994 was when Barry commenced working full time in The Rubber Connection.  They did many swap meets and shows to get the word out and for convenience to their customers.

You make many good friends in this hobby!  Jeff and Heather both lovers of Ford cars purchased many parts from the Rubber Connection.  Barry would sometimes ask Jeff information about Falcons.  When Jeff purchased a 63 Fairlane, Barry was a wealth of knowledge

In 2009, Jeff and Heather purchased the business.  Barry and Chris agreed to help them through the first year.  There is a lot more to any business than meets the eye!

Now that the new owners have settled in and found their feet, 2011 we are designing a new website!  The first one was good but with consumers surfing the net so much, we felt the need to update.  We trust you like this site and would be pleased to hear feedback.

Thank you for taking time to read about us.  Hope to hear from you soon,

Jeff and Heather
The Rubber Connection