Classic Ford Parts

When a person is looking to restore, rebuild, or customise a Ford car, there is no place better to come than the Rubber Connection for parts and accessories. There are over 20,000 products available. Some of the more common pieces and many you may not realise are available!

The Rubber Connection offers many components for Ford cars. This consists of large parts like, Rust repair sections, Bumper Bars and Trim Kits.  However, we also stock a large range of Hub Caps, Antennas, Scuff Plates and Clips and Fasteners.   There are also parts for the hood, fender, grille, trunk, tailgate and quarter panels. You will find everything from the Tail Light to the hood latch, and everything in between.

No vehicle that is complete without a Ford badge or emblem. There are many different styles of fender and hood ornaments available at the Rubber Connection. From the mustang horse to the bucking bronco, you can find the emblems that you desire.

The Rubber Connection has the parts needed replace tired Radiator Hoses, leaking Gaskets, old Thermostats, Thermostat housings, Water Pumps, and Radiator Caps.   Overflow tanks and radiator frame mounts are not something that has been missed when looking into the cooling system.

Fuel systems can also be a pain when rebuilding an old car.  We can help you with your worn out Fuel Pumps, leaking old Carburetors and Fuel Caps. New Fuel Pumps and Carburetors are available to replace the existing ones. Maybe you have a blocked filter or your Sender Unit has a problem.  Finding just the right replacement part is just a phone call away!  Or if your Fuel Tank is the problem, chances are we can replace that too.   

The Rubber Connection has a very large selection of classic Ford parts. When you are looking to restore an old Ford, Hot Rod or even an F100 truck.  You should look for anything that you might be missing or need and call or email friendly assistance. 

If you need only one rubber seal or an entire set of seals.  Whether it’s for all the doors or a back window seal for your Ford, The Rubber Connection has the rubber kits available for a large amount Ford cars. You have the ability to buy the rubber seals separately or you are able to purchase all the rubber seals need for the entire car for some models. The Rubber Connection does not just offer the seals for Fifties and Sixties models they have seals available right back to 1928 through to 1972 in Sedans  and 1928 through to 1998 in Pickups.  Whether it be Coupe, Roaster, Tubor, Sedan or Pickup.  This is the place to go when you are in search for the best quality seals for your Ford car. 

Electrics can be one of the most important things on any reliable car. An individual needs to know that the items that they are receiving are quality as we as what you need. Rubber Connection provides a list of items available in the electrical systems. Starters, turn signals, ignition switch, dome lights, or headlight switches are only some of the items that are available to an individual to replace. 

It does not matter which items that you are in need of to restore or repair your Ford vehicle, The Rubber Connections has the pieces you will need along the way. Having a quality product that you can rely on, will make all the difference to you restoration.

Stocking correctly moulded weatherseals for doors, windsheild and rear windows, roof rails, vent windows and trunk seals etc. * But it's not just rubber! * We also have scuff plates, antennas, suspension parrts, locks, switches, mirrors, door glass runs, beltline weatherstrip kits, lenses, moulding clips, emblems in die-cast and plastic and many other parts and accessories for Ford vehicles of US and Canadian origin.

We are authorised dealers for major US parts manufacturers and have a wide range of sources for reproduction, genuine Ford and New Obsolete Stock parts. Reliable contacts in the USA can assist in searching for new and used parts from NOS suppliers and the many auto parts dismantlers. FAQ's often relate to kit prices. These can be accessed from the 'Kit Catalog'.

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